Do you hear that hissing sound? It’s not a snake; it’s your audio cassette tape gasping its last breath! Convert it to CD today!

Can you hear a needle drop in another room?

Through years of secret training with samurai warlords, Transfer Ninjas can.

Starting at $24.97.

Our technicians are the perfect choice to transfer your Los Angeles cassette tapes to digital CDs.  Yes, we know you love your cassette tapes, but they are living on borrowed time.

Cassettes deteriorate and become like MTV, they no longer play music.  As they age, the analog tapes inside cassettes are more likely to break or twist.  The good news is digital CDs can stand the test of time. There is no fast-forward or reverse to try to find a song.  In this non-linear world, just pick the track and click to play.  Transfer Ninjas have learned audio tech skills from the great sound editing masters.  We use state-of-the-art technology to make your audio transfer a successful one.

To improve our concentration, Transfer Ninjas have spent hours staring into the flame of a candle while listening for the slightest scratch that might be on a cassette.  Our trained technicians will use audio filtering, digital noise reduction and separate your tape into individual tracks to reduce unwanted noise.  At Transfer Ninjas, we transfer each cassette tape to a CD and add a customized label.  We will safely return the new digital CD and your original cassettes to you, so that you may prepare a proper burial or store them as ancient keepsakes.

Send us your favorite old cassettes and get them transferred to high-quality CDs today!  There is nothing we won’t do for customer satisfaction.  We will walk long distances without stopping, go for days without food or water and dislocate our joints to make you happy.

But you must act today.  If you have damaged cassette tapes, we are experts at repairing analog tapes, so be sure to ask us about that service too.

Call us today at 310-659-2868!