Home movies are evidence you were a good parent, no matter what your kids say! Convert them to DVD today!

If It’s Film, We Can Preserve It

Please choose your film reel size to be converted to DVD or Digital File. Your film will be scanned with high-tech equipment that Hollywood studios use. Transfer Ninjas will perform as much color correction as possible.

Starting at $14.97.

5`` Reel

8mm, Super 8 or 16mm Professional Digitizing

$54.97 / reel

Plays in DVD Player, Watch on TV

7`` Reel

8mm, Super 8 or 16mm Professional Digitizing

$104.97 / reel

Plays in DVD Player, Watch on TV

Do you have some treasured memories of loved ones on film?  Did you know film deteriorates over time?

Regardless what format your film was shot in, it will deteriorate.  In fact, your film is becoming brittle and faded as you read this.  This even happens to classic Hollywood films that are kept in the best storage conditions.

What do Hollywood studios do? They transfer their old films to DVD or Digital File. While they can afford to build their own transfer technology, most people cannot.

Where can you turn? Transfer Ninjas.
We don’t use knives, swords, or nun chucks to do film to video transfers, but rather state-of-the art equipment.
(Actually we do use the knives, swords, and nun chucks to keep your films safe!)

Transfer Ninjas can safely transfer your movies to DVD or Digital File where they will be preserved forever, much like our ancient ancestors.  The first rule of being a ninja is, “Do no harm.” And we apply that rule to every film we are entrusted with.
Each of our film to DVD or Digital File transfers are performed by skilled transfer technicians, who work silently through the night, never seen or heard.

This type of transfer requires skill and precision. There is no room for error.

In addition to our trained ninjas, we have a wise master who oversees the entire process.
We will scan your film frame by frame with our high-end equipment. We can enhance the color and eliminate much of the flicker.  Your films will be preserved just like classics such as  “Enter the Ninja,” “Revenge of the Ninja” and “Ninja 3: The Domination.”

The longer you wait, the more your films will deteriorate.  Now is the time to act!

Call us today to save your memories of yesterday! Our Transfer Ninjas are ready to jump into action!

We convert your home movies (8mm, 16mm, super 8 and virtually any other format) to DVD or Digital File. But don’t take a chance with your precious memories. Don’t send your valuable films across country to an anonymous PO Box. We have been around since 1982. With Transfer Ninjas you can speak with a person and be assured of a quick turn around with professional quality… right on our premises.